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Some say that it is dangerous, other that it is exhausting and uncomfortable… There is surely a grain of truth in it. However, if we take into account all those adventures, all the people met on the way, beauty of the nature and on the top of that we gently lower a veil, woven from a fresh, aromatic wind brought by us from every tour, how obvious it becomes, that it’s worth it.

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New Zealand
44°23′S, 168°44′E

Remote wilderness, long river valleys, high mountains, majestic glaciers, clear alpine lakes in a New Zealand’s third largest national park. It’s hikers paradise with large number of short and long hikes offering breath-taking range of landscapes.

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Treasured wilderness of Kahurangi National Park

Kahurangi National Park is the New Zealand’s second-largest national park. In the Maori language, Kahurangi means ‘treasured possession’, which explains its diversity of land forms, native plants and unique species of birds. Much of the area is untracked wilderness with exceptional landscapes, the oldest rocks, shafts and sinkholes, remote river gorges, alpine herb fields and tussock plateaus.