Four Seasons in Four Months – Part 0

Respect yourself enough to walk away from anything that no longer serves you, grows you, or makes you happy.
– Robert Tew
16 May 2017 (Tuesday) — Honningsvåg

And it happened, we left everything behind us, to face ourselves and the challenges of long distance walk. After many months of preparation, the day has come when we got onto the plane with two backpacks to start our adventure.

Our flight route: Gdańsk — Copenhagen — Oslo — Alta — Honningsvåg. The last stretch with three stopovers. The flights, although they took us all day, were smooth and without any problems. A flight over Norway has shown us how much snow there is still in the area, from the top everything looked white.

At the airport in Honningsvåg we met two cyclists, who were starting their journey towards Gibraltar — a long way ahead of them, but it raised our spirits, because we were not the only one starting the trip when there was so much snow around. We collected our backpacks and went to the city centre, where we bought some bread rolls and fuel. Then we left the city, looking for a place to stay. We were by a hair’s breadth to setting up the camp at the cemetery. Fortunately, in time I spotted the snow-covered commemorative plates. In the evening we had to deal with little accidents — I had pepper spillage in my backpack, and the fuel we bought turned to be the wrong one. Only then we could rest. We fell asleep like children.

Accomodation in Honningsvåg
Accomodation in Honningsvåg