Four Seasons in Four Months – Part 6

In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.
– Abraham Lincoln
Setermoen – Øyjord
25 June 2017 – 02 July 2017
7 Days
118 km
TOTAL: 850 km
25 June 2017 (Sunday) — by the 851 road, about 10 km from Sjøvegan
Distance: 20.6 km

The previous day we dried everything nicely, only so that today we could pack everting in the rain, all wet, but this is life. We had our backpacks loaded with food, so we moved slowly on. It was raining constantly, so we could not even stop for a coffee because we couldn’t find any shelters. We started looking for a place to sleep a bit earlier than usual, and we had some problems. The area around was lined up with fences, and if some places were flat and unfenced, they were fields or meadows. In addition, everything was wet and boggy due to constant rain. A bit resigned, we sat down on the side of the road to drink some tea from thermos. I went to the side with my needs and by chance I have spotted a path going into the forest. I followed it and found myself by the river and I immediately spotted a potential place for our tent. I went back to get Marcin and together we assessed if the place was suitable. It was a quick decision. And this is how by chance, we find cool camping spots. If it wasn’t raining we would have stayed there for two nights. River water and humidity were perfect conditions for mosquitoes, unfortunately. They attacked us mercilessly, but we bravely resisted it. We lost some blood, but we won:)

26-27 June 2017 (Monday-Tuesday) — by the path in the forest, close to Sjøvegan
Distance: 16.4 km + 0km

We arrived at Sjøvegan where we bought few things, including a special dinner for two days. Then, we went out of the city, and following the path which we previously spotted on our GPS, we entered the forest. While walking, we were looking for a suitable place for our tent. As we wanted to stay two nights, we wanted to go a little off the path, but have access to water at the same time. We managed to find a nice spot, and it looked like we were not the first to find it. There were remains of the fire visible.

We had to take care and hide all the food inside the tent, because there were a few big anthills around, and close to our tent, what I discovered later, the ant trails crossed. Fortunately, they were not intrusive, we did not bother them, and they left us alone.

Places for two night stay we chose more carefully

Again, we were forced to sit inside the tent because of the rain. It was a pity as the place was very nice. My pastime was walks to the stream to get the water and reading books. Marcin was lying down or napping, but he did not waste the time, because he acquired a new ability to prepare coffee, half- lying and without leaving the tent.

All the time, we have been following online the progress of our parcel, there has been no change in status for some time and that worried us.

28 June 2017 (Wednesday) –by the 84 road, about 3 km from Tennevoll
Distance: 23.2 km

Marcin found a route on GPS, that was more or less parallel to the road, in a right direction. With pleasure, we got off the asphalt and enjoyed walking on a forest path. The moods were good as the weather has improved as well. We had a nice coffee break at the creek, watching the lives and work of the ants. And out of nowhere, the day turned out nicely.

Coffee break:)

We came to Tennevoll, where we turned our steps towards the post office. Unfortunately, we did not learn much more. The gentleman was so kind, that first he called the service office, from where we found out that the parcel left Alta and either was on its way or had already reached Russenes. Then we asked nicely and the gentleman called Russenes, and asked if the parcel had arrived. Unfortunately, it did not arrive. We still didn’t know where our parcel was. We could not let it go, as we there were our shoes, water filter, maps and all fishing equipment. However, we could do nothing but wait few more days.

29 June 2017 (Thursday)–by the path, shelter between Fossbaken and Bjerkvik
Distance: 18.2km

We located the next post office and continued along the road. After several kilometres, we entered a trail that led through the mountains to Bjerkvik, where we were heading. However, we were not sure, whether we will be able to walk the path, whether there would still be a lot of snow. Anyway, we decided to try it. At the beginning it was going well, the path was clearly visible. We walked to about 300 meters above sea levels and snow patches began. The colours of the landscape changed to early-spring greyness. Soon we entered marshlands. There was so much water that we decided to put on sandals and go through the swamps and the river. Only a litter further past the river, we put our shoes back on. We did not walk much more we spotted a half-open shelter. We did not expect something like that. Immediately we decided to stay, even though it was still early. Such occasions, however, do not happen often. First we had our coffee in peace, then we cleaned up a little, and prepared place for sleeping. Later we made a fire, ate supper and could rest with a beautiful view of the snow-capped peaks.

30 June 2017 (Friday) –by the Árajávri Lake, about 4 km from Bjerkvik Distance: 20.7 km

The sun woke us up, so we got up eagerly and although it was a pity to leave such a nice place, we moved on. We started walking gradually uphill. There was more and more snow lying around. In the morning it was still quite tough and hard, but with every minute and thanks to the sun, it became softer making the walking difficult. We have crossed countless streams, some just jumping over, some walking on stones, and some over the snow bridges. We came to the lake, which was our landmark. We knew that if we reach the lake, we will be able to walk the whole path. A wonderful place, a half-frozen lake, snow-capped mountains around, peace and quiet and no living soul around. We stopped there for coffee, of course.

Soon we began to descend and more green areas began to appear. It got so nice, so nice and so spring. We came to a greater path and following it, we found a picnic tale, just in time for dinner. Right next to it, there was a view point at large waterfall and a river with amazingly clean water.

After dinner, we started going down through a nice green forest. We came to the road and continued along the road to the lake. There we spotted a place by the beach and camped. “A must have” bath in the lake, quick washing, and we had to hide ourselves in the tent, as the mosquitoes started their attack. It was one of the best days so far, both in terms of weather, landscape and the place. Above all, however, we were extremely happy that we managed to walk the path across the mountains. This helped us stay optimistic thinking about next stages.

By the Árajávri lake, Norway
01 July 2017 (Saturday) –by the E6 road, about 4.5 km from Bjerkvik
Distance: 12.5 km

To start the day well, we decided to visit the post office. Very nice and helpful employee called the customer service office to ask about our parcel. Unfortunately they couldn’t answer it. However, they advised us, to submit a complaint letter, to report that the parcel went missing, and then the post office will be able to officially start searching for it. Next, the gentleman helped us fill in the complaint form, and he tried to comfort us, saying that since the parcel had a reference number it should be found. Although we still did not know where the package was, we were glad that something was done, which meant some progress in the case.

We went to sit by the fjord, eat something, relax a bit and think about what to do next. We needed a stay at the campsite to make further plans. Today it was already too late, so we walked few kilometres along the road and stayed at the parking place which had some picnic tables.

Food and travel — when going in a car on a trip, you can take more food with you, but at the same time you need less food. When walking, you need a lot more food, but you can take very little with you, and the shops are so far away.

02 July 2017 (Sunday) – by the E6 road, Øyjord Camping
Distance: 6.1 km

We left early, to get to the campsite. We found one on the GPS, but we were not sure if the information was up to date. We arrived at Øyjord, and fortunately the campsite was there and was open. So small it was, but had everything we needed. It was a pity that it was cold and most of the time we spent in the kitchen, when we could have sat outside in such a nice place.

We spent our time productively, we made few decisions as to the possibility of completing our equipment in case our parcel won’t be found. Also, we managed to find an alternative route to the E10 road, and we were very pleased with it, because the prospect of having to walk several dozen kilometres along a busy road was not encouraging at all.

Riikojávri, Norway