Ireland – Advice

Packing List

Based on our experience from previous journeys we had no major problems with completing the equipment. Here is the list of our equipment:

essential luggage:
  • tent, sleeping bags
  • air beds
  • rain suites
  • towels, clothes, toiletries – we were intending to go for 9 days only so we had not problems with packing
  • map of Ireland
  • First Aid kit
additional luggage:
  • gas bottle (1 small 240ml), stove, lighter
  • small, metal kettle
  • 2 metal mugs
  • cutlery
  • phone + phone car charger
  • extra pair of shoes
extra luggage:
  • some food (everything can be bought on the way)
  • camera + spare batteries
  • spare motorcycle keys
  • lock for motorcycle helmets
  • electric shaver
  • tea and sugar
  • good mood



In Ireland there is quite good network of campsites, some of them also offer the cabins to let. This is a pretty good idea considering the weather. We intended to sleep in a tent of course, but having in view setting up the wet tent in the rain we also embraced the accommodation offer known as Bed & Breakfast – there are plenty of them in the whole country. Price per night at the campsite is about 10€, where for the B&B we had to pay about 70€.



The roads in Ireland are not the best quality. Major roads and highways are generally of good quality, but the others are often motley of holes and patches, which lowers the comfort of driving. Moreover they are not marked well, we often had trouble finding the road we wanted to go.




Rain, rain and rain again. There was a bit of sunshine, that’s true, but too little to fully enjoy the beauty of this country. In Ireland there is a temperate climate, warm, marine with high humidity. The rain suites proved to be vital – you need to be prepared at any time. Weather in Ireland is sometimes totally unpredictable and fiddly. One day it might rain a few times and the sky is covered with heavy clouds, and in between rains the sun shows up in the sky and no sign of those clouds.