Balkans 2015

Motorcycle Journey


The undiscovered and fascinating land

There are still many places in Europe undiscovered by mass tourist. Such a magical and fascinating land are the Balkans, where the turbulent history of ethnic divisions and politic upheavals, as well as varied culture have mingled for centuries, creating one of the most diverse regions of Europe. And all this against the background of amazing, breathtaking landscapes, majestic mountains, tranquil valleys, lush woods, picturesque lakes and rivers, traditional villages and towns.

After completion of our previous trip to Western Europe, we knew that the southern part of the Europe will be our next destination; it was only matter of time. When the right time has come we packed Busa and we set off. The journey through the Balkan countries has given us many different attractions, unique atmosphere, a lot of excitement and unforgettable memories.

There was a bit of everything. It was very good – when we could relax basking in the sun on a mountain meadow, enjoying a delicious homemade cake. It was also bad – when we had to cover poor quality Serbian or Bosnian roads. It was hot – when the air was so heated that it burn the skin and caused breathing difficulties. It was also cold – when we drove in the rainy clouds somewhere in the mountains. It was beautiful – when we were passing through the Dolomites in Italy. It was even more beautiful – when the Plitvice Lakes at every turn reminded that nature is the source of beauty. It was not so nice – when we watched the roadsides looking like landfills, polluted rivers and slums on the outskirts of the cities. It was quiet and safe – when we passed through Germany we felt safe as at home. It was dangerous – when we had to watch out for the Balkan drivers who were ignoring road signs, red lights and speed limits. It was wealthily – Italian villages existing because of mountain tourism are places full of hotels, restaurants, B&Bs, all that stylish, well cared and “rich”. It was poorly – grey and godforsaken villages in Bosnia, Albania or Bulgaria showed that the standard of living is not very high. Sometimes it was rural and idyllic – when we passed through the Montenegrin meadows and fields. Sometimes it was urban and touristic – when we travelled along the coasts with resorts with beaches, hotels and many tourists. It was also tasty – every cuisine offered a variety of flavours and though they often did not have cakes with coffee it still tasted good:) It was friendly – people offered their help in pointing the right direction. There were mountains, prairies, lakes and rivers, stunning sunrises and sunsets, rock formations and castles, twisted roads and tunnels… simply the Balkans in every sense of the word.  We invite you on an inspiring journey through the fascinating land of Balkans.

Info about the trip

Route19 countries: France, Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany and Belgium
Date11.07.2015 – 01.08.2015
Distance6711 miles
AccommodationCamping, hotel, motel
The longest distance in one day634 miles
The shortest distance in one day210 miles
MapsFreytag & Berndt, Balkan Süd (Southern Balcans) 2014 (sp)
Freytag & Berndt, Balkan – Südosteuropa (Balkans – South-East Europe) 2014 (folded map)
Michelin, France 2011(sp)
Michelin, Italia 2008 (sp)
Cartographia, Romania 2010 (folded map)
Cartographia, Hungary 2005 (folded map)
Cartographia, Slovakia 2013 (folded map)
Freytag & Berndt, Česko 2015 (folded map)
Falk Ländekarte, Germany 2014 (folded map)
Total cost

Map of the route

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Each day of our trip brought new impressions and adventures, of which we wanted to remember as much as possible. Here are the notes from our journal.

One picture expresses more than a thousand words, so we invite you to the gallery, where you can see a photo story from our trip.