Baltic Countries 2013

Motorcycle Journey

Baltic Countries

The land of forests and water
After one year break we had an irresistible willingness for the motorbike journey, somewhere far away and for longer. Overcoming various adversities we managed to find two weeks for a holiday. We quickly have chosen the Baltic Countries which we could combine with a few days of visiting family in Poland. With fondness we returned in the Scandinavian regions, with curiosity we entered the countries of Eastern Europe and with joy we visited our homeland. This resulted in a mix of various attractions and a solid dose of sensations and emotions. Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, although often seen as identical, are culturally, environmentally and architecturally diverse, and the Baltic Sea from each side looks different. Sometimes it delights with sandy beaches and sometimes it looks more like a lake, where the water gently wraps the grassy bank. We invite you on a journey across the Baltic Countries, the lowland areas with lots of lakes, rivers, pastures, meadows and forests, wetlands, nature reserves and national parks.

Info about the trip

RouteBaltic Countries: Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and also Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Poland
Date10.08.2013 – 25.08.2013
Distance4370 miles
The longest distance in one day869 miles
The shortest distance in one day0 miles
MapsHallwag International – Touring Scandinavia Spiral Bound
Baltic Countries 2012 published by Jāna Sēta (bought in Latvia)
Collins Europe 2009
Total cost

Map of the route

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Each day of our trip brought new impressions and adventures, of which we wanted to remember as much as possible. Here are the notes from our journal.

One picture expresses more than a thousand words, so we invite you to the gallery, where you can see a photo story from our trip.