Scotland 2007

Motorcycle Journey


The land of glens and lochs

The unique mountain massifs, tranquil valleys, clear lakes stretching for miles, rivers, creaks, gently rolling hills covered with pastures, and sheep grazing on them, raw coastline with massive cliffs and only a few sandy beaches, roads winding through the wilderness…that’s Scotland, land of moors and numerous castles, which charmed us with its fairy-tale scenery. We would like to invite you on journey across Scotland, a land that offers wonderful scenery and untouched by human hands, unspoiled nature.

Info about the trip

RouteThe northern region of Scotland – Scottish Highlands
Date01.07.2007 – 13.07.2007
Distance1746 miles
The longest distance in one day174 miles
The shortest distance in one day0 miles
MapsThe Ordnance Survey Travel Map (Tour 12 – Scotland) 2005
Total cost

Map of the route

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Each day of our trip brought new impressions and adventures, of which we wanted to remember as much as possible. Here are the notes from our journal.

One picture expresses more than a thousand words, so we invite you to the gallery, where you can see a photo story from our trip.