Western Europe 2011

Motorcycle Journey

Western Europe

Ten thousand kilometres journey

Ten thousand kilometres, eleven countries, two wheels, one tent and two of us. In the sun, rain, heat, cold, fog, struggling with ourselves and with all what’s unpredictable… in other words a great adventure! The idea of this journey has been in our minds for a long time, but only this year we managed to realize this dream. We wanted to see the “real Europe”. Beautiful, diverse countries offer many attractions. They have their own unique character, stunning scenery, distinct food, culture and atmosphere. This journey allowed us to explore all of this. Loaded down with accumulated experience, stack of photos and hundreds of memories we came back happy and would like to share with you our story about the trip across Western Europe.

We invite you to a journey though the very welcoming Spain – a land of fragrant herbs, a unique climate of the south and the stunning nature; through the golden, sandy beaches of Portugal hidden in picturesque coves surrounded by cliffs and charming white houses overlooking the infinite, deep blue ocean; through the vast vineyards in France – a quiet agricultural land dotted with sunflowers; through the green mountain ranges of the Pyrenees; through the picturesque Andorra, extremely mountainous land of idyllic valleys and high altitude mountain passes; through the fabulous Monaco with unique plants growing in harmony with ubiquitous splendour; through the picturesque villages of Switzerland embedded into the mountain slopes; through green, deep river valleys of Austria, surrounded by snow-capped peaks; through the narrow, meandering roads and alpine lanes, winding up in the mountains and offering a great driving experience.

Info about the trip

Route11 countries: France, Spain, Portugal, Andorra, Monaco, Italy, Switzerland, Austria and back through Germany, Luxembourg and Belgium
Date24.06.2011 – 15.07.2011
Distance6438 miles
The longest distance in one day596 miles
The shortest distance in one day217 miles
MapsAA Western Europe 2009
Michelin France 2011
Michelin Espana & Portugal 2011
Michelin Italia 2008
Hallwag Alpenländer 2011-2015
Total cost

Map of the route

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Each day of our trip brought new impressions and adventures, of which we wanted to remember as much as possible. Here are the notes from our journal.

One picture expresses more than a thousand words, so we invite you to the gallery, where you can see a photo story from our trip.