Four Seasons in Four Months – Part 4

Starting from Kautokeino, as we decided, we got on to the E1 trail. As the path at this stage goes at fairly low height, we hoped, it would be less snow, and we will be able to move forward at reasonably peace. Just in case we had the option to retreat or change the route. We started on the road, then moved to a muddy path and finally we walked on the snow as well.

Baltic Countries – Travel Diary

We waited a long time for this, but we managed. We are on the road again. After overcoming some problems related to obtaining approval for holiday, confirming dates and of course the problems of a financial nature, we set off with great pleasure.

Scandinavia – Travel Diary

After several months of preparations, we are on the way. A quick breakfast in the morning… scrambled eggs (we won’t eat it probably for a long time)… and off we go. The weather was on our side, it did not rain, but it was cold.

Scandinavia – Advice

Being more experienced after the trip to Scotland it was easier for us to pack up. We had to take a few extra things having the same amount of packing space, but we managed to do it.

The Donkey

While waiting for the ferry to Lofoten we met two Poles, residing in Germany. Just like us, they went on a motorcycle journey across Scandinavia. Our routes crossed and merged at about 190 miles before the Nordkapp.