The Donkey

While waiting for the ferry to Lofoten we met two Poles, residing in Germany. Just like us, they went on a motorcycle journey across Scandinavia. Our routes crossed and merged at about 190 miles before the Nordkapp. We drove along quite long distance. We parted the company in Rovaniemi, our trip mates went through the Finland and we turned towards Sweden. Adrian and Krzysiek, that’s their names, such nice fellows turned out to be avid travellers. They’ve done thousand miles on their bikes, and in Europe they have been almost everywhere. Guys, thank you for a great adventure (and spaghetti;) I hope we will meet again somewhere on the road. Krzysiek’s motorbike is called the Donkey. The following poem and a photo gallery are dedicated to him.

The Donkey and Friends

There are many donkeys in the world everywhere,
However, the second like him you will not find anywhere.
Black are his shoes and black is his jacket,
There is a saddle on his back and light on his head.
He goes always ahead, the unknown being the best,
As the lop-eared he might be, he won’t stop because of it.

Being grazed on all European meadows,
Does not mind long separation from his four walls,
Been high in the mountains, sailed the seas,
Travelled the roads, and trackless wilderness.

Krzysio, his ever best friend,
Cares about the donkey as he only can.
Feed, clothe, bathe occasionally,
And dose the Motul regularly.
Will put new shoes on, lop ear will repair,
Will set the broken leg if necessar’
And sometimes a new toy will share.

The Donkey drives on tracks of all sorts,
Highways, pathways as well as gravel roads.
On its back Krzysio sits,
He got a smile on the face
When travels with best mate.
Not scared of any weather,
When another adventure ahead.