Ireland 2009

Motorcycle Journey


The land of lush green

Stunning landscapes are one of the biggest attractions of Ireland. Cliffs, moors, lakes, mountains, and rocky isles create the scenery of unspoiled nature. On fertile, evergreen pastures regularly sprinkled by often falling raindrops, raise the ancient Celtic crosses, stone circles, abbeys and castles that create the unique atmosphere. Ireland is also perceived as a land of thatched cottages, pubs, original music and lyrical poetry. And there is a lot of truth in all that.

Why Ireland? – because is not far away, because we haven’t been there yet, because we wanted to see that green island with high cliffs and rocky peninsulas spread along the coast and to feel the atmosphere laced with Celtic myths. Unfortunately the Ireland has not been gracious for us. Constant rain did not allow us to fully enjoy the views and what this land has to offer. We had to cancel our trip after a few days. We would like to invite you anyway to see what we were able to see.

Info about the trip

RouteSouth part of the Ireland
Date29.08.2009 – 03.09.2009
Distance1280 miles
AccommodationCamping, Bed & Breakfast
The longest distance in one day273 miles
The shortest distance in one day148 miles
MapsAA Glovebox Atlas-Ireland (2008)
Total cost

Map of the route

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Each day of our trip brought new impressions and adventures, of which we wanted to remember as much as possible. Here are the notes from our journal.

One picture expresses more than a thousand words, so we invite you to the gallery, where you can see a photo story from our trip.