Cornwall – Advice

Packing List

As this journey was not that big venture, so we did not make special arrangements. Simply the day before we packed what needed and that’s it:)

Here is the list of our equipment:

  • tent, sleeping bags, air beds, rain suits
  • towels, clothes, toiletries
  • map (of Cornwall and also of England)
  • gas bottle, stove, lighter – our standard equipment
  • kettle, mugs, cutlery and some tea of course:)
  • camera and batteries
  • lock for attaching helmets to motorcycle (which unfortunately ended its life with this trip)


The camping network in Cornwall and Devon is very well developed, as they are the popular tourist areas. These campsites are often like small settlements, but thanks to it they offer a high standard. There are also many B&B hotels. Fortunately the weather was favourable so we slept in a tent.




The roads are generally of good quality and provide great excitements while driving, however you must be careful on minor roads. These are roads narrow, switchback and “limited” on both sides by the high hedges which reduce visibility. There you will meet many cyclists, so you need to drive with caution.
We generally had no problems with moving around, as the roads are well marked. The only trouble can cause the roads without numbers, these connecting small town and villages, as you can get caught up in that network of roads.



Cornwall is the warmest area of the Great Britain. In summers you can enjoy sunbathing. Due to strong winds there are perfect conditions for surfing. Specific climate, mild, similar to the Mediterranean, in addition to being enjoyable for tourists, it also has great effect on the flora. You can find there species that would not have conditions in any other part of the country, such as palm trees.
We had a moderate weather, some sun, some rain and the temperature was just right, neither too hot nor too cold.