motorcycle trip

Balkans – Travel Diary

Another adventure appeared before us, so we began to draw from it in full. We woke up early, or rather very early in the morning as we got up at 1.00 am. The night was quite warm so the journey was going well.

Balkans – Advice

We did not have a lot of preparation in terms of completing the luggage. We replaced our mattresses on more solid ones; we bought IDP and stock up with currency. Apart from that we had our luggage completed; we had to only pack it in to the trunks.

Baltic Countries – Travel Diary

We waited a long time for this, but we managed. We are on the road again. After overcoming some problems related to obtaining approval for holiday, confirming dates and of course the problems of a financial nature, we set off with great pleasure.

Western Europe – Travel Diary

We’re back on the road. After a couple smaller trips it was time for a bigger one, this time to the warm regions. Our target was to reach the farthest west and south of Europe. On that day, right after work we quickly get on the bike and set off in the direction of Plymouth, as there was long way to go.

Western Europe – Advice

Before the journey we invested some money in order to get more space in our bags. We bought new sleeping bags that can be folded to a very small size. Thanks to that we had much more space in side panniers.

Cornwall – Travel Diary

The trip to Cornwall was not that big venture, because the peninsula is located not so far from the place where we live. The peninsula is small thus we planned our trip only for a few days.

Ireland – Travel Diary

After little preparations we reached the Green Island. A wake up at 5 in the morning after a totally sleepless night was not so great, but it did not spoil our good mood. We got on the bike and set off: 200 miles to the port at Holyhead.